Friday, January 7, 2011

For a limited time I'm lowering the prices and offering free shipping on all products.  This will remain in effect until all details of the cremes are finalized.  The one thing that won't change is the quality and effectiveness of  my products.  I hope you'll try them.

Richard Anthony

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Scents

A couple of words are in order to describe the three cremes available.
Tripoli to Malabo is a lightly scented French lavender.
Kalahari Muse is the fragrance of a freshly mowed lawn.
Both body butters are wonderfully hydrating and impart a luxurious, silky feel to the skin.

Pure Jahan is unscented, perfect as a facial creme or for use on any part of the body where fragrance is not desired.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How it Began

My foray into the world of herbalism and natural healing began forty years ago in the jungles of Mexico. I contracted a tropical disease marked by wildly fluctuating fevers.  In seeking treatment, a book came into my life that would change it forever; Jethro Kloss'  "Back To Eden".  Every home should have a copy. I did eventually recover from my fevers.  I began to practice herbalism and I started making salves and ointments.  They were made "as needed" for family and friends.  Now, I hope, a few at a time, to introduce these hand made cremes to a larger audience.  I welcome all of your comments, ideas, requests, needs, questions and such.
Do you need a sample?  Would you like me to add a lighter face creme to my line?  A very heavy night creme for the face or the body?  A leave on hair conditioner?  More variety in scents?  Different sizes?  Or, would you rather I spend my energies on finding distributors for the three cremes that I make now?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to RichardAnthony's Hand-Crafted Emollients

During pre-launch Richard Anthony's Hand Crafted Emollients will be available exclusively from this blog.  

The main intent of this blog is to make Richard Anthony's Hand-Crafted Emollients accessible.  You may order by clicking on the order button.